Friday, June 15, 2012

New York, FL?

Week two...
Well, my work week is officially over and another week has flown by.  Since the last time I updated you lovely people, I had made it through my first week as a NY resident just fine, but I still wasn't anywhere close to becoming a local (thanks to my lack of ability to retain any sort of direction--a death wish for anyone using the subway).  Surprise, surprise a week later I'm still nowhere close to achieving this goal, however I am getting better!  Hopefully it won't take me 10 more weeks to actually get the hang of life around here.  That might be about 10 weeks too late :/

Last Friday, my roommate Kaitlin and I met up with another intern from her work and made our way to the South Street Seaport in the financial district.  When I have always pictured the financial district, I think of thousands of silly men in suits walking against a backdrop of endless concrete and buildings.  But, oh how wrong I have been for so long!  The financial district turns out to be a little tropical paradise and definitely a place I could serving as a temporary getaway from the craziness of life in the city.  Along the seaport, there are tons of cute restaurants and shops that embody an island feel.  We decided to eat at a quaint restaurant right on the water and enjoy a few tropical frozen drinks :)  Then, a few other friends showed up and we moved our party up a few blocks to another cute restaurant (with some fancy name I will never be able to pronounce).  The unlimited places to eat and hang out is one thing I will definitely miss when I go back to Starkville!

On Saturday, the rooms and I made our way uptown to the Upper East Side to eat brunch at Serendipity 3.  Kaitlin made the mistake of telling me that she had never seen the movie "Serendipity" (which is an ultimate favorite of mine), so she was forced to listen to me rant all about it for the entirety of our wait.  It must not have been too painful though because she definitely wants to see it now!  After we left Serendipity, we took our time strolling from store to store (which is not such a leisurely activity for my checkbook) and it turned out to be quite a relaxing day.  That night, to celebrate the 21 years that I have been on this earth and a giant milestone that I have finally (and I mean FINALLY) reached, we all went to this place called the Cellar Bar.  It was trendy bar underground, and a perfect location to kick start my birthday!  The next morning, Kait and I had brunch at The Standard Grill, a restaurant at the bottom of the Standard Hotel that is known for feeding many celebrities.  We didn't see anyone famous, but there may have been a few local celebs judging on how glamorous everyone looked!  Even the street crossing guard was decked out in designer duds...This city never ceases to surprise me.  After brunch, we walked the mile back to our dorm along this strip called the High Line.  It's a raised walkway that extends over most of Manhattan's West Side.  It used to be an old railroad back in the day, but it now serves as a local hang out spot, equipped with lounge chairs and nice grassy areas that people use to layout.  It also gives you an incredible view of the city!  I encourage anyone who visits NYC to check it out!

I have figured out that there is simply no way to make these posts anything less than a novel's length.  So, I will try to update more often, maybe making them a little less unbearable :)  We're off to try out this free yoga class we found in central park...we will see just what they mean by "free" in this city! 

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